A Very Warm Thank You for the Oppertunity to Serve !

January 9, 2010

Hey Folks Thank you for downloading the show, I must appologize for the digital hic-ups in the audio - and the obvious boo-boo’s for the content - I will get better as I get used to the whole recording process and the publishing process ! I was inspired by 5 Podcasters in the Pagan Community (and by Diety) - and at the risk of modesty they are Feithline Stuart who produced “The Dark Side of Fey - and now her new Podcast series “Spiritscast”, MoJo and Sparrow who produced “The Wigglian Way”, Tegan Luad who produced “Moonshine”, Lithe Wolf who produced “The Broom Closet”, and by The Celtic Myth Podshow” They ALL are quite rich with “Awen” - which was explained to me as being the Inspirational fruit that is provided and falls from the World Tree ! Trully ‘Gifts of The Spirit” To those folks - I dedicate this Podcast as well as ALL that may follow ! As Mojo warmly reminds us … It’s IS ALL about The Love ! I trully Believe this !

Brightest Blessings !

Symbian (Shaun Miller)

PS :

My E-Mail Address for comments etc ... is crimsontapestries@gmail.com